Own a 1-acre titled cacao farm parcel for just $18,500

You can own a 1-acre titled cacao farm parcel (or parcels) in Belize that is professionally managed on your behalf (turnkey), with an average annual return (IRR) between 10% and 16% (proforma).

Parcels are currently $18,500 each and are subject to change at any time.

The one time, turnkey cost includes the purchase price of the land and all the costs of developing the farm and deeding to you. There will be no future fees or expenses to you the parcel owner. Multiple contiguous parcels are available and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Toledo Cacao is headquartered in the tiny country of Belize, tucked into the Mayan jungle between Guatemala and Mexico and is home to some of the finest flavor cacao beans in the world.

“We offer a real estate based specialty cacao farm ownership opportunity.”

We offer a unique opportunity for investors to diversify their portfolio and for ultra-premium chocolate makers interested in owning and working closely with organic and sustainable farmers.

If this cacao farm real estate ownership program is of interest to you we are pleased to make available for download a FREE comprehensive full color ownership summary of our Specialty Cacao Farm Real Estate ownership Program.

Why invest in our Cacao Farm?

  • Steady growth over the last hundred years has transformed the chocolate confectionary market into an $80 billion a year global industry. With demand outweighing supply and industry forecasts projecting a 30% growth by 2020.  The best time to invest and plant cacao is now.
  • You own the land – an appreciating real hard asset, safe and secure, private and offshore.
  • Freehold Cacao Farm turn-key operation managed through harvest and sale of cacao beans.
  • Belize’s premium cacao producing region – Ranked as one of the top growing regions in the world.
  • You earn a sustainable long-term offshore income…averaging between 10%-16% annually (proforma IRR) for a long period of time.
  • Owning Toledo Cacao farm parcels does not currently require reporting them to the US government.  International real estate, in your own name, is currently not reportable under FBAR or FATCA regulations.
  • You are directly involved in improving the lives of the impoverished Mayan Cacao Farmers of Belize by helping us to provide them with good honest work, fair wages, medical and pension benefits.
  • A reserve from the operating gross profits will provide a community and youth leadership development program to help students build their skills and access mentorships with the chocolate industries senior leaders.